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Get Your Corti Starter Kit Now!

Real-Time Monitoring, Real-Life Benefits

See how it works in our Corti Tutorial Guides

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Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

(1) Order Your Starter Kit

Secure Your Investigational Device : Place an order for the Corti Starter Kit and we'll ensure it's delivered to you as soon as possible after meeting the eligibility requirements. 

(2) Downlaod and Activate

Seamless Setup Process: Once your Starter Kit arrives, follow our getting started video guides to activate your device and set up your profile for personalized monitoring.

(3) Refill as Needed

Continuous Care, On Your Terms: Stay ahead in your health tracking by ordering sensor refills whenever you need them. Our flexible system allows you to maintain consistent monitoring without any hassle.

EnLiSense products are not available for commercial distribution or use in the United States (IBD AWARE is only available under approved clinical study investigational device use conditions).

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