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Latest Hormonal Research

Check out the latest research below on Cortisol, Melatonin, Inflammatoin, and Glucose. Dive into a world of expert analysis, real-life experiences, and cutting-edge approaches.

Melatonin: A Game-Changer for Hair Growth and Health

Published By:

Babadjouni, Reddy, and Zhang et al.

Published On:

Mar 1, 2023

Published Link:

Melatonin: A Game-Changer for Hair Growth and Health

This study delves into melatonin's influence on hair follicles, exploring its potential to enhance human hair growth, particularly in addressing androgenetic alopecia.

What Exactly They Discovered:

The research conducted by Babadjouni, Reddy, and Zhang et al. unearthed fascinating insights into melatonin's impact on hair health. Their comprehensive review of 11 human studies revealed that melatonin, when applied topically, showed promising results in promoting scalp hair growth, especially in individuals suffering from androgenetic alopecia (AGA). The studies highlighted improvements in scalp hair growth, hair density, and hair shaft thickness among users of melatonin compared to those who did not use it. The most effective dosage identified was a 0.0033% or 0.1% melatonin solution applied once daily for a period ranging from 90 to 180 days.

Why It Matters:

The findings from this study are groundbreaking for individuals grappling with hair loss, particularly AGA. Melatonin, known primarily for its role in regulating sleep cycles, now emerges as a potential non-invasive treatment for enhancing hair health. This research paves the way for more natural and accessible treatments for hair growth, moving away from traditional methods that may involve harsh chemicals or surgical procedures. It underscores the importance of exploring the multifunctional uses of naturally occurring substances like melatonin in medical treatments, especially in dermatology.

How It Applies to Corti:

In the context of Corti's cutting-edge device that monitors real-time levels of melatonin, cortisol, inflammation, and glucose, this research holds significant promise. Corti's device could potentially be utilized to track the efficacy of melatonin-based treatments on hair health, providing real-time feedback on how melatonin levels correlate with hair growth and health improvements. For individuals using topical melatonin for hair growth, Corti could offer insights into the optimal treatment schedules and monitor the body's overall response, ensuring a personalized and data-driven approach to treating hair loss.

The intersection of this research with Corti's technology exemplifies the potential of integrating scientific discoveries with innovative health monitoring devices to enhance personal healthcare and treatment outcomes.

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