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Melatonin Reduces Stress in Dialysis Patients

Published By:

Houssem Marzougui et al.

Published On:

Apr 13, 2023

Published Link:

Melatonin Reduces Stress in Dialysis Patients

This study reveals that taking melatonin before exercise can reduce oxidative stress and enhance antioxidant levels in patients undergoing hemodialysis, making it a potential strategy for improving their health outcomes.

What Exactly They Discovered:

Researchers found that melatonin intake prior to exercise in hemodialysis patients leads to significant improvements in oxidative stress markers and antioxidant defenses. Specifically, it reduced harmful oxidative compounds and increased protective antioxidant enzymes. This indicates that melatonin can play a key role in balancing the body's oxidative state, particularly in vulnerable populations like those undergoing hemodialysis.

Why It Matters:

This research is crucial because it suggests a simple, non-invasive intervention—melatonin supplementation—that could significantly benefit hemodialysis patients. By reducing oxidative stress, melatonin may help mitigate some of the complications associated with hemodialysis, such as cardiovascular diseases and chronic inflammation. This has the potential to improve the quality of life and outcomes for these patients.

How It Applies to Corti:

Corti's device, which monitors vital health biomarkers like melatonin, cortisol, inflammation, and glucose in real-time, could be invaluable in this context. By tracking these markers, Corti's device can provide immediate feedback on the effectiveness of melatonin supplementation and exercise on oxidative stress in hemodialysis patients, enabling personalized and optimized care strategies.

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