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Study Links Early Stress to Learning Challenges in Preterm Kids

Published By:

Lowe et al.

Published On:

Jun 17, 2022

Published Link:

Study Links Early Stress to Learning Challenges in Preterm Kids

This research found that children born extremely preterm may have altered stress responses affecting their memory and attention, potentially leading to learning difficulties.

What Exactly They Discovered:

The study observed extremely preterm children's stress hormone levels upon waking and their performance on learning and memory tests. It was found that lower stress hormone levels in the morning were linked to poorer memory and more attention problems in these children. This suggests that the way their bodies respond to stress could be affecting their brain function, especially in terms of remembering things and staying focused.

Why It Matters:

Understanding how early stress affects learning and attention in preterm children can help in developing targeted interventions. If we know that stress response is a factor, strategies can be tailored to support these children's unique needs, improving their educational outcomes and overall well-being. This research emphasizes the importance of monitoring and supporting the emotional and psychological health of preterm children as they grow.

How It Applies to Corti:

Corti's real-time monitoring device could be a valuable tool in this context. By tracking stress-related hormones like cortisol, along with indicators of inflammation and glucose levels, it could provide insights into a child's stress response and overall health. This data can then be used to tailor interventions, ensuring they meet each child's specific needs and potentially mitigating the impact of early stress on learning and development.

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